Have you wondered about what happens backstage whenever you buy anything from the website?

Whenever you place an order on our website several steps are to be completed to fulfill your order. We first verify the order and put it into our system database. Once the items are pulled from inventory then the customer proceeds toward the payment option online. And when the payment is done confirmation email is sent to you and your package is then packed and shipped. We then inform you that your order has been shipped. You can also manage and track your orders online. This is how your orders are processed efficiently & quickly.

Order Processing Workflow

Typically, four key steps are main in the workflow that are receiving the order, then picking and packing the product and then processing payment, and finally shipping the order. But some additional steps are also involved in which quality check is made to ensure you receive genuine medicine. We take pride in meeting the expectations of our customers in every possible manner.

The basic steps for order processing are as follows: –

Order Placement – You can place the order over the live chat support with our executive or sales representative or may drop us an email so that we can help you with it. When we receive your order, we verify the details that you provided and our customer support executive gets in touch with you by sending an email or text to provide details regarding the order that you have placed. And when you make the payment for the order then we hand over the process to the shipping department where the availability of stock is checked.

Picking – In this step, the items that were ordered are prepared for shipment and retrieved from the store or inventory. After picking the items required for your order it is given to the packing team.

Packaging – In this step, the product is kept in boxes and discreet packaging to ship them as soon as possible. We make sure they are wrapped in bubble wrap or foam to avoid any damage. Also, we don’t mention the name of the medicine above the package.

Shipping – In this step, the shipping of the product is made and at this point, the order is considered to be complete. Once your product is shipped the tracking ID is generated. Using this tracking ID or number you can keep track of the status of the order like where it has reached and how long will it take to reach your door.

The package is then moved from the distribution center to the nearest postal office and delivered to you possibly the same day or the next day.

At Tramadol 100, we strive to give you the best services and our team representatives are 24*7 hr available to assist you by every means. If you are facing any challenges then let us know so that we can help you in placing your order without any hassle. We will guide you at every step about how to navigate through our website to place an order. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we ensure to avoid complications. We guarantee to hand over the product with proper care. For any mishappening, we provide reshipment facility to our customers.

Note – If you are unable to track your product then reach us via email or live chat support, we will help you shortly without making you wait for longer.

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