Refund Policy

You will have to inform us about the reason of dissatisfaction if you don’t find our service and product suitable. We ensure to look into the matter by taking every possible action in order to satisfy you and further improvise on it. We have proper norms and rules ready with us if you wish to cancel, inform and ask about any sort of information related to services. 

If, due to valid reason, you want to return the medicine, it is necessary to provide us the details about the reason and inform us immediately. Once you have informed us, you can proceed with the option to return the drug.  

Ensure that the order must be returned in the same condition as it was at the time of delivery. Intact seal should be present and should not be broken. We will not accept the package if the seal is tempered or broken. If the received item is damaged and not in good condition, we can deduct the money from the refund amount as per consumer contract regulations.

Thereafter, we will proceed with the refund payment once we receive the product in an optimal condition. Customer bank account will be credited from where the payment was made. It might take two weeks to complete the formality or you can contact us in case of non-receiving of amount. 

We will notify you via email or message once we have received our package. We will process your refund and give you a call to confirm. You can talk to our customer representative in case of any query or concern. Once we receive the package and after complete inspection, your refund will be processed.

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