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14 reviews for Oxy 30mg

  1. Davis Smith

    I ordered Pain Relief Tablets. I’ve ordered this item about every 3 months and the employee I spoke put in my order and also said she would put me on an automatic reorder every 3 months. Not only was she friendly but also very helpful!

  2. Joseph Martinez

    Website friendly making it very easy to find what you need and buy!!!! Not to mention the fastest shipping and receiving I’ve ever experienced online!!

  3. Dirk Kidd

    I have just received my 2nd shipment from Tramadol100.com. They have been prompt in delivering my order both times. They are easy to work with and I’ve had no problem talking to them before placing an order. And they always return my call/s quickly. I have referred other people to them too.

  4. Robert Freeman

    I’ve been successfully using Tramadol100 Pharmacy World for about 3-4 years now with full satisfaction.

  5. Casey Johnson

    Every order I have made through Tramadol100 Pharmacy works as prescribed and is far cheaper than US prices. Found affordable and of good quality medicines. I recommend this pharmacy to everyone.

  6. Randy Tsao

    I have ordered my meds from Tramadol100.com and after the complete your process he/she shared your confirmation message on your register number and also share expected delivery on your medicines. The Tramadol100 price was automatically applied by the pharmacy. I was happy with the results.

  7. Robert McKey

    Great price and super quick delivery. I was told it would take 1 week but received the meds in just 5 days. The rude customer service person is the only reason my rating is 4 stars instead of 5.

  8. Darrick Long

    Very Responsive Company, easy to Place Orders via Various Methods, and Quick to Give Tracking Info after Ordering.

  9. Thomas Kephart

    This was my first time trying to place an order and I needed some help and went to Chat support. Olivia was very helpful at Chat and I’m currently setting up an ID and then place my order and I am very happy to save my money!

  10. James Newell

    This was my first time using Tramadol100 Pharmacy. The process went smoothly. Although at the beginning there were a lot repetitive contacts from you. Order arrived in 5 days all good meds at a good price and good customer service will use again and so should you.

  11. Eddie Council

    I have been with Tramadol100 Pharmacy for over 2 years. They have improved over the years to the point I cannot say enough good about them. Their communication with me has been excellent. Their prices are lower than anywhere else. It’s the only pharmacy I would trust doing by mail. Thank you!

  12. Ronald Todd

    The representatives that call me are always very helpful and polite. And the price of the medication that I am on is fairly reasonably priced. Sometimes it takes a long time for the meds. To arrive but I always receive them.

  13. Ronald Heintzelman

    I needed my meds that Medicare Part D doesn’t cover. My quality of life and health were suffering when a friend told me about Tramadol100 Pharmacy. In the USA, the best price for these meds I could find after calling every pharmacy and coupon code in the area was $800.00 for 90 doses. I couldn’t afford it. Through Tramadol100 Pharmacy I got the 90 dose meds for US $350 including shipping. It had been manufactured by the same drug company as in the USA, They will verify your script. I highly recommend this service.

  14. Kenneth McCarthy

    This site was much easier to use than I thought it would be. At first I was very anxious about using a service in the US, but after receiving my initial order I was put at ease. I have also had the need to call customer service several times and was pleasantly surprised by their eagerness to help.

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